Blonde Toledo and Tin Sandwich

On Saturday, April 28th, 2018. Doors at 6:00 pm. Show at 7:00 pm,¬†join us at the Sportsmen’s Club at Point San Pablo Harbor on Saturday, April 28th for some soulful and danceable music with a view.
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Tin Sandwich (opening)
Tin Sandwich is a neo-vaudevillian harmonica ensemble made up of bass, chord, chromatic and diatonic harmonicas in the spirit of the Harmonicats and the Harmonica Rascals. Deron Cavaletti (chord and diatonic), Jamie Coventry (chromatic and diatonic), and Scot Velardo (bass and diatonic) play old-time favorites, pop tunes, Balkan melodies, film noir, a tango and anything else that comes to their lips.

Blonde Toledo (headlining)
Led by double sax goddess Connie Walkershaw and bass player Jesse Walkershaw, with Latin percussionist Joe Chavez, drummer Rick Kennon, and guitarist Andy Charmatz, Blonde Toledo is fusion extraordinaire. Musical influences include Brill Building pop, Colombian Cumbia, Yiddish theater, Post-bop jazz and British Invasion rock, Blonde Toledo suffers no fools. You will dance.

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